Now we’re on Facebook and Google+! Which aren’t new things in and of themselves, nor am I new to either service (though I’ve only ever visited my Google+ page once, the day a friend signed me up for it) instead, there are new pages dedicated to the site now available to like, and share with friends and family, which I sincerely hope you do.  I hear there are other social media sites (Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, other…) but I highly doubt I’ll get around to having a direct presence there, so you’ll have to pick up that slack.

Also in the new category, assuming I do this right and get everything set to appear when are where it’s supposed to appear, a dedicated blog section instead of only a blog attached to individual strips.  There are a couple of reasons for this change, the biggest being feedback from you, my readers.  I want to know what your opinions are, and I hope this will promote sharing of said opinions.  Am I doing well, am I doing poorly, do you like the art, detest the writing, vice versa, don’t be shy, please.

All that being said, feel free to comment down below, or on the new pages (FB and G+,) and as always, I hope you’re enjoying the story!