This is what’s going to happen next.  Probably. This is the third version, what you’ll see after pencil hits paper is the fourth version.  At this point, the broad strokes will be the same, it’s the little things that change.  I want to add, this next storyline will be somewhat influenced by my love of Prince Valiant, the Fall of Andelkrag, and what happens after.  Obviously Merunga has not lost her castle and burned her lady-folk to death in the attic while charging the enemy suicidally, that won’t happen, at all, so, spoiler alert, expect no castles.

We also might get tied down to an actual historical date, not firmly tied down, but let’s start wrapping our minds around 500 AD, give or take a decade.  Europe was entering the second phase of the Migration Period, after the Huns were gone, but more Goths, some Slavs, and various other peoples were getting ready to move in.

This story was a little harder to come by, because it’s an addition to the master plan.  The next big event is about two stories away, maybe more, I want to pad it out some, develop some more emotional investment before I rip it all away. So I knew this time and space needed to be taken, but the who, and what, and where, were all up in the air. Now that that is all settled though, we can get on with the show.