There’s a 50/50 chance that at some point this week, when the strips are done and posted, and next week is at least roughed out, I’ll be updating the Cast page.  Bogdan and the other villagers are important enough now, and will be making regular appearances, that I should probably say something about them. Ditto for Haimo.  The festivites of last week threw me off more than I thought, add to that family staying for the weekend and work was not done.  Games were played, but work was not done.

Dominion and Castles of Burgundy, both fantastic games, if you do play them, awesome, if you don’t, you should, and you should also wrangle your friends into playing as well.  Both games are built for four, but can play two and three just as well. I have 50/50 strategies for both, 50% of the time I lose, 50% of the time I don’t come in last, this weekend was a losing weekend. Cookies were baked to make up for it.