I’m fairly certain there’s a song that goes like that.  Something something, seaside, seashore, sipping something or other by the sea….thing.  My lack of musical upbringing is coming into focus.  Just a week ago my wife realized that not only have I never seen ‘The Sound of Music,’ I’ve never even seen clips, or trailers, or the tiniest little pieces of it. My only exposure to that movie was through my daughter’s Pandora station.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, as I have been exposed to eye-befouling atrocity that is, ‘The Sound of Music.’  This isn’t really what this is about, but I don’t like musicals.  I’ve seen musicals, and have liked some of them, but I’ve never looked forward to seeing them, nor wanted to see any of them again.  I would say rather, the musicals I have seen that weren’t totally repugnant, weren’t as bad as I had anticipated, and what I anticipate is always total repugnance.  The great irony here is that someday I’ll sell out to Disney and they’ll make a Merunga movie, which inevitably will be a musical.

What this post is really about is Seaside.



I’m assuming those of us here have at least a passing familiarity with card games, we seem like the type.  And not regular card games, but deck building card games, like Dominion, of which Seaside is an expansion of (one of my favorites.)  If you do not have this game, I would highly recommend getting it, especially as we head into the long, bitter cold months of not being able to go outside. Literally hours and hours of fun.  I would like to thank my Secret Santa for this, which is the first and last time this month I will make even a passing reference to the upcoming holiday.

Which is all I had to say about it.  So looks like this was more about musicals anyway, so I hope you’re not too upset that I don’t like them.  I will probably never watch the Merunga musical, despite whatever magical touch Disney bestows upon it.