I had high hopes for this show.  Syfy for me has been a dead channel since the new Battlestar Galactica went off the air.  Even before that really.  Once they started showing wrestling I knew the end of our relationship was near.  Ascension was my big hope for a comeback, a nice, grand, space opera, it’s what I was looking forward too.  Then fifteen minutes in, they telegraph the gimmick, and the next five hours and forty-five minutes weren’t much too look forward too.

It wasn’t a terrible story, the actors were about what you would expect, but it just wasn’t what I wanted.  It was a compressed soy protein burger when what you want is, well, anything in the least bit substantial.

On the other hand…100 strips today! For those of you in the future, looking back into the murky depths of the past, it’s Dec. 19, 2014.  Milestone, celebrated.