This whole week could be coming down to the wire.  Monday’s strip was finished and posted no sooner than 11:58 Sunday night.  Luckily Tuesday’s was only a few minutes after that, but Wednesday is still in a very nascent, loose sketchy stage, while Thursday and Friday exist only as a concept in my head, a ball of yarn being batted around until a discernible pattern emerges from the loosened thread.  Or something like that.

The day, and days, and week really, of vacation that could have, should have, been spent drawing were instead taken up by an almost endless marathon of Dominion games, with a little Firefly and Sorry thrown in for good measure.  I didn’t win nearly as much as I would have liked, but Sorry has always hated me, Firefly was cooperative, and I’ve lost my Dominion magic.  I used to win frequently, maybe not 3 out of 4, but certainly 35 out of 102.  The guests will all be out of the house soon though, and I’ll be able to get back to 1v1 games of Clue against a nine year old.  My average there is a solid 50/50.