This week got away from me quick.  The plan was to blitz through two weeks of strips, establish a buffer, and then do some tweaks here and there with the site, some ads, extra projects, and stay ahead in general. The reality was a lot of erasing, starting over, and trying to figure out what a tangled rat’s nest of pencil scratchings was supposed to be. Planning a battle scene for such and such a day is much different from drawing it on such and such a day.

I doodle people, faces, hands, bodies, sometimes feet, that’s what all of my sketch books are full of.  Maybe, maybe, one page out of 100 is some other random object, but not likely. I don’t draw buildings, animals, rocks, trees, cars, water, I doodle people.  So battle scene, I was thinking, only people right? I got this.  But there are a lot of people involved in a battle, and it very quickly turns into too many people, but also, not enough people because does it look like a battle, chaos and confusion, or does it look like a group of people standing around waiting politely for their turn to fight?  Some days, I think I got it, some days, not so much, but I feel like any failures were failures of planning, and planning is my kryptonite.

What this all means is, talking heads.  Next week, everyone is sitting down with a nice cup of tea, and just chatting things up.  Talk it out with the Huns, talk it out with the Menagerie, just chatty-chatty for five days next week.  And they won’t be even be talking about anything profound, just generalities, how’s the weather? Do you prefer goose fletchings or synthetic? Does a kilt show off male-calves to advantage?  Riveting stuff, you won’t want to miss it.