So we’re on Twitter now, feel free to follow me. To be honest, Twitter confounds me somewhat.  My only experience with the service is the ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves’ segment, and I don’t even know what talk show host does that segment.

Until I have followers, I’ll feel foolish talking into the wind, and yet I won’t have followers until I sign up. A chicken and egg problem of the first world. However embarassing talking into the wind might be though, it pales in comparison to your 60 year old father being the one convincing you to sign up for Twitter. And when upon showing reluctance to sign up for Twitter he will enumerate it’s various benefits and uses.  I wouldn’t call it a lecture per-see, but it was full of stern looks and disapproving grunts when I continued to show resistance to the idea.

So here we are then, and hopefully there is some balance struck between useful/informative/entertaining, and no backsliding into pure obnoxiousness as I tweet about every bowel movement and crack in the sidewalk on the walk to school.