Above all other comic-book characters, I love Superman, by a fairly significant margin. I don’t even know who my number two favorite is, because after my number one (Superman,) I don’t really care. I love Superman so much I will most likely never like a Superman movie 100% because they won’t get everything right I want them to get right. I will also never totally dislike a Superman movie, unless it’s made by Tim Burton because that movie would have been crap.

I like ‘Man of Steel,’ it’s my favorite Superman movie, mostly because of how Clark Kent is portrayed. I also really really hate it, because of how the Kents in general are portrayed. I’m excited it’s getting a sequel, I’m pissed Batman is in it. I’m really really really pissed that Batman is going to kick Superman’s ass, because Batman is such a goddamn Mary Sue of a character and I can’t stand him. That all being said, I’ll probably watch this trailer every day, just like I did when the ‘Man of Steel’ trailers came out. I may not like it, but something is better than nothing.