I’m collecting fonts now. I desperately want to redo the site and make it gaudy and stupid, because that’s how I love things. The first version of this site, the version that lived on the web for a month before being wiped from existence was terrible. Everything was ornate, the menu-bar was so fancy it didn’t even look like words, the decorative elements above and below the comic were bigger than the comic itself. I wasn’t planning on blogging back then, the space under the comic was filled with fancy swirls and curls that did nothing but distract, I loved it, and it was utterly useless.

I amuse myself now by creating fake versions of the site, obscenities that are an affront to the internet and all it stands for. They are my favored children, nursed and coddled well past time when they should be shoved out of the nest or thrown to the wolves. I find it relaxing and a pleasant distraction to create these things that no one should see. The by-product of these fruitless endeavors is a large collection of fonts. Literally every free font Nate Piekos has created at Blambot, I’ve downloaded and played around with. They are all amazing.

I do think I’ll update this site eventually, but there’s no telling when that auspicious day will come, it could be awhile. But my god, the possibilities are endless. There is so much I would love to do, but won’t because I don’t know how, or it would make the site nigh-on-unreadable.

I haven’t collected comics in years, I never knew I was looking for something to fill that hole in my life until I started downloading fonts, now I can’t help myself.