After a moderate amount of soul-searching and a brief flirtation with bigger drawing paper, nothing is changing. I’m keeping the update schedule, I’m keeping the strip size, and I’m trying not to go crazy pursuing grand plans, yet.

There are times I would appreciate more space, but they are few and far between. They would also be more likely used to say little to nothing, because the problem is with story telling, not art size. So that’s what we’ll be focusing on for now, and leave the rest for later.

Later being this August, because that’s the one-year anniversary, and who doesn’t like to celebrate small milestones? I just went and bought my first pad of full size comic-book paper in over a year last week. 11×17, with a 9×14 live area. No which direction you looks at it, it’s larger than the 13×4 I’m drawing on now. And it’s much more intimidating. But instead of using bigger paper, to show a bigger story, I’ll be showcasing a much smaller story, and a much smaller Merunga. Possibly a 6-8 year old Merunga.

It won’t preempt our regularly scheduled stories, which is all I can say about it’s release. There are about three or four ways I can think of to do it, but I haven’t got a clue which one I’ll pick. There’s this whole other technical/business side to this thing that I’m still figuring out (like Patreon, a thing I’ve heard of, and am considering dabbling in.) So we’ll see what’s up when August rolls around. I still have to draw the damn thing after all.

But for now, no big site and style shake ups (there will be shake-ups in the Caravan, some of them not too far away at all.) So we’ll keep out attention on Merunga, and she where she’s taking us for awhile.