I’ve only recently discovered Moebius, which I’m almost certain is a crime of some sort amongst the comic community. I know of him, I do own one piece of work he produced (Silver Surfer: Parable,) but I’ve never really taken the time to look at his work. I’m not an art guy, I look at the pictures in a comic last, right before I turn the page.

But, in doing a little bit of prep and research for a project, he came to mind, so I asked great god Google about him, and wow, that’s some impressive stuff. I really like all of the lines, I really like the lines. Negative space is not an artistic concept I’m comfortable with. If there’s negative space, then I’ve done something wrong. I usually only leave negative space if I can’t think of anything to put in there (something that is wrong,) or I’ve wasted too much time and have to slap dash something together and draw less to meet a deadline (also a wrong thing.)

Moebius does use negative space, he uses it very well, but he also uses a ton of lines, and that, I love. I’m sorry I found this so late, but I’m so glad I did find it.