I can’t stop playing this game. It was set up on my kitchen table all of last week, I stared at it longingly through the window while my brother helped me rip out the old patio and sidewalk. We only played the physical version once, the first encounter only so there was no combat. It went about as well as expected when two people play a game they barely know, it was fun and we did great, because we weren’t following the rules.

RealmSpeak however, I played that at least three times a day, and died every single game, sometimes more than once. Unlike a lot of games, where you’re allowed to do just about anything, not matter how stupid it is, this game will slap you down for being stupid, it will slap you hard. Turns out, a big heavy night can’t fight off a horde of quick moving bats, and a wily rapier wielding swordsman isn’t much use against a giant troll with an equally giant club in one hand.

I run an older version of Windows on my computer, so it installed easy-peasy and I was off to be slaughtered. My brother’s laptop is Windows 8, and it took a little time to get ti to run properly, and when we did, it took just as long to figure out how to play the game LAN style. It was fun single person, it was more fun with multiple players, and it was even MORE fun to watch a character die that wasn’t mine.

The next challenge is to figure out how to play at greater than LAN distances, and how the whole ‘e-mail your turn’ thing is supposed to work. A challenge, but a challenge worth besting, not like the Tremendous Dragon that guards the Hoard in clearing six who kills me every, single, time! Damn that guy!

He’s got a week left in town. In that time we’ve got a lot of work left to do on the patio, I of course, have got the strip to draw, my daughter’s some vacation has started so there will also be swimming, dog-walking, craft-projects and general hanging out to do. But, BUT, there will also need to be some MR played, because that is a thing that will happen at least three times a week.