My wife gets to go a conference in DC this weekend. And because they’re paying for room and board, why shouldn’t we go as well? It’s a win-win-win. We get to see the sights, visit the museums, sample the local delicacies, win-win-win.

My daughter is most excited about the International Spy Museum, there’s even a girl scout badge she can work on while she’s there. That’s stop number one, so the rest of the stay will be a crushing disappointment I’m sure. But, hotel we’re in does have a pool, so that will soften the blow, considerably. I can’t think of a single place we’ve taken her where, if we did have a pool, she didn’t enjoy herself, and if we didn’t have a pool, she ever wanted to go back.

For myself, Air and Space is where it’s at, and the Udvar-Hazy, I won’t need much else.

My wife has the conferences to look forward too, she won’t need much else either.

The plan is to return next Tuesday, at which time I will desperately attempt to finish next Wednesday’s strip (it won’t be that hard, thanks to planning it’ll be a couple of quick scans and she’s ready to post.) Then Wednesday is all about finished Thursday and Friday, if I haven’t managed to crank them out over the vacation weekend.