I always thought my first side project to Merunga would be resurrecting Buster Drake, and to some extent I have, there are five whole new pages I’ve drawn for Drake, but pencils is as far as they’ve come.  I got side tracked.

My current soundtrack is a endless series of Shadow episodes, the same ones I’ve heard at least ten times before. And each time I listen to them, I get the urge to do something pulpy. Not the Shadow, because trademarks, but something in that pulp/gutter fiction vein. I’m also reading an endless series of Shadow novels, so this time I had to chase that dream.



It also felt good to break out my ink pens again. It only took 30 minutes to find them, and five minutes to figure out which ones still had usuable ink, not that many. Art wise, these puppies are coming together in about two hours, which I break up into a series of warm-ups, and take a break froms Merunga pages. I’ve yet to scan and letter them, so for now, they’re going nowhere.

But someday they will go somewhere, I know how I want to display them, I’m just not sure where, when, or under what circumstances. Probably need a few more than four and a half completed before those questions are answered.