I completely forgot this was going to be a thing. Now that the trailer is out, I’ve vague recollections of reading about this movie, but I did just watch a terrible animated Tarzan movie not that long ago (even worse than the Disney Tarzan movie, which wouldn’t have been nearly so bad without Phil Collins,) and I think the two just became one in my mind.

But then this shows up!

Tarzan is one of my top five, easy as that. Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Superman, the Silver Surfer, and The Shadow, those are the characters I most remember from my childhood, and pretty much in that order of exposure.

What excites me most about this, is that it’s a period piece. The core concept of Tarzan is more than a little stupid, trying to bring that into the modern world, it becomes beyond retarded. Greystoke is English, Jane is American, that’s also a pleasant, though ultimately meaningless change, and hews closer to the books.

The trailer gives me hope, and after the continuing disappointment of the Batman v Superman trailers, I could use it.