I say these things, not because I want to be counter-culture or because I am in anyway shape or form a hipster (who I understand to be a person who deliberately doesn’t like a thing because everyone else likes it, I’m not sure, I live in the Mid-West, I don’t think Hipsters have invaded here yet,) but because I have always believed these things, since I was a child.

DC > Marvel

Superman > Batman

Star Trek > Star Wars

Spiderman sucks

Also, I don’t root for the underdog, I like winning, and winners, and I want my arbitrarily decided upon pick to triumph at whatever it is they are competing in. And I don’t support only my prefered franchises. I will go see Episode VII, but I’m much more excited about Star Trek Beyond, even though I got burned on the last two movies. I will continue to watch Marvel movies (as long as there is limited Spiderman involvement, I do really hate that guy,) but I want to be more excited about the DCEU. And the goddamn Batman, screw that guy, he is almost DC’s Spiderman in my estimation.

I’ve been thinking about it more recently, one because I don’t read any current comics, and two, because of that Tarzan trailer. The more I watch the Tarzan trailer, the less I’m excited about BvS. And the less I’m excited about BvS, the less I’m excited about DCEU for obvious reasons, and the MCU because it’s hard to maintain energy for a thing you like only because it’s tangentially related to the thing you actually like.

I feel like I’m getting dangerously old, my likes and dislikes are calcifying, which I blame on the changing nature of the franchises I like, and not on myself for refusing to give alternative interpretations a fair shake. Also, I’m fairly certain I would yell at kids to get off my grass at this point. I’m only 33, I shouldn’t be this stodgy. But there it is. In another three years, after I’ve cried my eyes out at how bad the DC movies will inevitably be and they still haven’t made that John Carter sequel I’ll most likely quit everything and move into a cave.