I’ve entered into a strange new world today, streaming.


I had not idea a thing like Twitch existed until last year, and at first I only watched it sporadically. Watching over people play video games, seems kind of stupid, but, it is actually how I prefer to experience video games. I remember fondly countless hours, countless hours, watching my brother play games. And he played a lot of games. One Saturday in particular, we spent 5-6 hours on the couch, me doodling/reading, he murdering one by one all of the inhabitants of Morrowind and taking their possessions to a mudcrab that would buy them at cost. And that’s the entirety of what we did that warm, sunny, 70 degrees outside Saturday afternoon. Good times.

I would play games occasionally. Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Starfox, 30 minutes myself of Morrowind before motion sickness would set in. The week after Halo and the Xbox went on sale was a fairly intensive game time for me. But on the whole, I’d rather watch, a vg voyeur.

But, I’m not streaming myself playing video games. I only play one now, World of Tanks (I used to play Star Trek Online, but meh,) but I’m not exceptional. Very middle of the pack, and who wants to watch that? No, I will be streaming artsy-fartsy stuff. It’ll be all digital for now, I don’t have the set up to stream traditional art endeavors. Also, I don’t have a schedule for it right now, it’ll be a come and go thing, if it’s something you guys like and would want to see consistently, I’ll make a point to set aside time for it. For now, it’ll be mostly random doodles, exploratory projects, commissions if I ever dip my toes into that water.

I don’t know if I can add a widget here on the site to let you know when the show is on, I’ll try to figure that out, but I will tweet about it and throw a notice up on the Facebook page when the time comes. Feel free to stop by, offer compliments, critiques, and suggestions if you feel so inclined.