This was the week Mick was gone for his frisbee golf tournament.  It is normally just the three of us at home (myself, Mick and our daughter), we are close knit and pretty boring, so most evenings we cook dinner at home and hang out until bedtime.  So, one of us being gone for an extended amount of time is pretty out of the ordinary these days, and we were all very happy to be back together again finally on Sunday.

Actually, we were all pretty ready to get back to normal by Saturday.  The two of us were missing Mick terribly, he was homesick, ready to see his girls, sleep in his own bed and return to his normal body temperature.  Mick likes to be extra toasty, he always dresses in at least 3 layers and bitterly resents cold and wind.  The frisbee golf tournament afforded a couple of very nice days, but also boasted a couple of cold, windy and rainy days, a deadly combination where Mick is concerned.  Most of his texts to me on Thursday and Friday included some colorful combination of the words “freezing”, “wet” and “miserable.”  Overall, though, he seems to have had a good time, and he came home with some pretty impressive swag.

Us girls used the occasion to make homemade lobster mac and cheese, as Mick turns his (admittedly large) nose up at any form of seafood.

We also finally made it to the Fayetteville Farmers Market for the first time, which is kind of embarrassing, since we have lived in nearby Rogers for almost three years now.  Walking around the square, taking in the booths and the music and the unique people, made me a little bit homesick, too.  We lived in Columbia, MO for 7 years, and we were farmers market regulars during that time.  We had our regular items that we always bought from the same vendors.  They became like friends we saw once a week.  My daughter reminded me about the breakfast burritos they made and sold at the market.  We would always get two first thing, and the three of us would share them while we walked and shopped.  I will say, even though the Fayetteville Farmers Market doesn’t quite feel like home yet, we did meet a great herb vendor, and I’m pretty sure the homemade chocolate croissant we bought went a long way towards making up for their lack of breakfast burritos.

We are now all three home again and loving it, not one bit sorry to be back to our normal routine.