First things first, I’m stopping the Mon/Thur update schedule for Merunga. Instead I’m opting to assemble a complete chapter, and then release it all in one big chunk. For the immediate future, that means no more fully realized Merunga until Aug. 1st, which would also be the posting date of the second to last page of the ‘The Lesser,’ our most recent chapter. For an optimist, that means you’re getting that very last page three days ahead of schedule.

I see this as a solution to the major problem of Merunga, a page at a time is not a good way to tell this story, and two pages a week is a painfully glacial pace to tell this story poorly. My first solution to this problem was to work more, moving to a M-W-F update schedule to get more pages out there, but honestly I think that’s still a terrible idea. Trying to create half-pages for a short period of time led to some terrible art, and even worse story telling as the time crunch spiraled out of control almost immediately. Additionally, more individual pages does nothing to address the underlying problem of a page at a time being a terrible way to tell this story.

Besides to the story-telling benefits, I’m going to be working more on improving the site, focusing on the archive and access to the chapters already out there, navigating easily between them, and gathering them into chunks as well, downloadable as PDFs, CBRs, or Zs, whatever other formats make sense. I’ll also take this opportunity for a little retro-editing to make more sense of those previous chapters.

What this then means for the immediate future and the countdown until August, I’ll be posting more of my work process, here, DeviantArt, Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, maybe I’ll finally get a Tumblr because I’ve been told I need one of those. I’ll also be streaming on Twitch at a more consistent time, with a more consistent workload. I’ll stream as I work on new pages for the collection, art for the site, and any side projects that come along.

The one thing I’ve heard most since starting Merunga is that it reads better in chunks. It’s not the story, and I’m not the storyteller, that can break this thing down into a page here, a page there. I need to be able to write it all out, lay it all out, look at the project front to back, and make sure it’s a quality I can be proud of, instead of desperately slapping it together at eleven o’clock Sunday night.

For everyone that has read thus far, really truly thank you for sticking around, for all it’s faults, I hope that Merunga has entertained. I’ll still be here, posting WIP work and process art, doodles and sketches, but Merunga will return August 1st in our next complete chapter, ‘The Lesser.’