Before we get too far into this thing, let me say at the outset, I’m sorry for any historical accuracy that finds it’s way into the strip.

Not that I like to invite the comparison, or even deserve to be compared to the man, but Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant, while INCREDIBLY pretty to look at, may not have hewed as closely to the times as you might think.  Soaring castles, plate armor, fully fledged feudal society, that all came a little later to Europe.

As did the Gypsies, which it may not be so obvious now, but will be soon enough that I don’t think this is spoiling anything, of which Merunga might or might not be.  I mean, she kind of is, her whole schtick is Gypsy wagon and the like, but as to her actual Gypsy-ness, it’s pretty debatable.  Gypsies weren’t even referred to as Gypsies until Feudalism was on the way out, around the 15th century.  So if you’ve found your way here looking for a solid accounting of the Dark Ages (which weren’t all that dark anyway.  Crappy for Europe, yes, but still not as bad as you might think,) then this really won’t be the strip for you.

However, if you do happen to be looking for an entertaining yarn with monsters, witches, and Gypsy wagons, nebulously taking place in an indeterminate time somewhen after the fall of Rome, I would invite you to stick around. You won’t regret it.