Like a lot of people, when I first created a personal FaceBook page, I fell into the social gaming quagmire. Unlike the people who continue to this day to litter my newsfeed with their incessant demands for goods and resources to games I do not now, nor will ever play, I got over it. The shame of begging my friends for those same goods and resources was too much for me, I refused to do it and thus capped out very quickly, and well below an end-game situation.

My daughter however, when she got a tablet for Christmas a couple of years ago (a gift from Aunts and Uncles that we have yet to top,) fell into that quagmire. And rather than pull herself free, she’s chosen to play in the mud. Which, having once escaped, I have now as well.

Dragon City, damn you, damn you to hell.

I won’t go into too many specifics, but instead of spending the day drawing, as I should, I instead was playing my daughter’s game, attempting to crush the score of her friend who also plays, although I suspect I was truly in competition with the Friend’s parents. I refuse to accept that a child less than a third my age could build more, breed better, and generally kick my ass at a FaceBook sharing-whore game.

So now comes Wednesday, my dreams of building a buffer once again dashed upon the sand ( my daughter prefers Terra Dragons, desert habitats abound,) as I struggle to resist the urge to log in and just catch up, and draw.