Is that what Instagram is for though? I’m not certain, there’s too many of these sharing things for me to keep track of/stay interested in. Also, I’m one of only three people to use a Windows phone, and it doesn’t appear as though there is an Instagram app for it, if Instagram is in fact the app I’m thinking of. It could be Tumbler, is that one? Are they the same thing? Honestly, I don’t know, but I don’t really care either, I’m not signing up for either (I say that now, fully acknowledging that I might someday still sign up.)

But anyway, I don’t feel like the site itself is a good place to post random sketches and doodles, it seems like that would just be a lot of clutter, and I’ve never known what to do with Merunga’s Facebook page, until today. If it’s a sketch I’m really quite happy with, I might share it elsewhere, but for now, random bits of art will find their home over here.