The Monster Makers

The works of The Frank and Vitor are revealed and reviled. The safe home the Villagers think they have found, is anything but.

The Frank

While the rest of his people moved further west, the Frank found a home, and a purpose, in the bowels of a mountain. For fifty years he has refined his art and his talent, and still he cannot escape his past.


The Frank's second apprentice, a boy the Frank found, or who found the Frank, and now Vitor studies at his master's side. But where the Frank seeks to create something like life, Vitor has loftier goals in mind.


Vitor in his impetuous youth has created his own golem. Before knowledge, before restraint, he created, and there was Heva. Heva, who would be Queen.


Near the Stone of the Frank there is a little village, and Thana is a resident there. She has been all her second life, for as long as the village has been, so to has Thana and her neighbors. It is a prison of a kind, but at least she is alive.


Before Vitor, the Frank had another apprentice, Chybi. Who's failure will haunt the Frank for the rest of his days.