These are those that travel with Merunga has she wends her way across the world.  Those souls that Merunga meets only in passing, or meets for the first time, are found in the Archives of their respective stories.


Merunga travels where-so-ever whim takes her. The caravan that she keeps is a collection of monsters and secrets, a hoard captured, stolen, and bought. None in the caravan know where they are going next, or what they will find along the way, Merunga's reasons are known only to herself.


A village girl who's grandfather left her in Merunga's care. She is no one and nothing special, far from home and terrified of Merunga's collection of strange creatures. She would leave if she had somewhere to go.


The latest golem to travel with the Menagerie, and the first that answers not to Merunga, but to Mouse.


Behold the Bearded Woman! A freak to be gawked at and belittled. Lupa has been with Merunga for many years, paraded for ridicule to countless villagers. Yet given a choice, Lupa would not leave. Her tangled whiskers hide a deeper curse, a malediction only Merunga has stayed.


A harpy of later days, when their beauty had faded. If she is not the last, she's is one of very few. Soaring once, higher than any other, now living in a cage, trapped, but safe.


Once the master of a crumbling pile of stone, Vaagen has found a new home. He feeds upon the blood and suffering of his victims, meals once chosen by his desire. Merunga keeps him to a stricter diet, she keeps a gnawing hunger ever at his heels.


From a nearby Roman castle, Haimo's village was plagued by an unknown horror. Scared beyond reason, and slowly dying, the townsfolk rose up and attacked the castle, a monster was killed, yet Haimo heard what others had not, the monster called out to her Master. So Haimo has followed, first the footprints in the forest floor, and then the wheel ruts in the dusty roads, until he has come to the Caravan, still searching for the Master that terrorized his home.


Along with Col, Ermo, and Aloys, Bogdan survived the ruin of his village by Vaagen's mischief. Bogdan blames not the vampire, but the witch. Bogdan has a hate for Merunga, a little thing as yet, but festering all the time.


The mischief of the vampire brought sickness and death to Ermo's village, he is only one of four to have escaped. Older than the other survivors Ermo travels with the caravan not to find a new home as the others do, but to escape the ruins of a town that dwell ever in his memory.


Aloys was happy in his village, content with where he was and what there was to do. Never one for stepping outside of his comfort, he liked all and was liked by all. Now he finds himself traveling to unknown places with unknown creatues, and his comfortable little world crumbling about him.


One of the survivors of the prisoner's mischief, Col is a quiet man, who keeps much to himself.

The Drivers

They are the sons of Merunga, and they guide her wagons where she sees fit, but they are not so scared of her as the others. They are not as other men, they are terrible things.



These are those that once traveled with Merunga, but now no longer, through leaving, or through death.


A giant man, with a look of stone. He can lift an ox over his head, yet pluck eggs from a nest unbroken. He has been with Merunga for his whole life, obedient to her every command, willing to give up his life for her, or her caravan should she demand it.


He is the Fairy King, though in truth, it is the fairies that rule him. Curo is merely the dish upon which the vicious little creatures dine. Taking now and then, only to slake their hunger, they slowly kill their dinner. When all that remains is a body to rot, they flit away on gossamer wings, to find a new source of nourishment.


A little people who traveled for time with Merunga before the arrival of Vaagen. They found the night-lord not to their liking, and have moved on.