I’m super excited about this, two weeks of strips ready and waiting to be posted. I haven’t had this much of a buffer since August 25, 2014. Three weeks after I started the strip, and my pre-launch buffer and current work buffer started to move collide. One more week down, then I’m fixing that cast page like I said I’d do. Two more buffer weeks after that and we’ll take a looks at fixing the Archives as well.

This also means I have more time for reading.  Right now that’s “Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death,’ currently airing as ‘Grantchester’ on Masterpiece Mystery.  ‘Grantchester’ airs after ‘Downton Abbey,’ which used to be what I looked forward too, but now it’s just taking up air until the hotty shows up. My wife and I are in agreement about that. He is hot. Maybe not quite hot enough to count as our celebrity-hall-pass, but he’s up there. Course Downton and Grantchester only have a few weeks left, then I’ll be down to three hours of TV a week, a blessing and a curse.

The Shadow novel this month is ‘The Black Hush.’ There’s an episode of the radio show called ‘Night Without End,’ kind of the same thing.