As mentioned some moons ago, I’ve never been perfectly happy with my Cast pages and wanted to redo them. What I had originally envisigied for them was overly complex and amazing and confusing and much worse than it was to begin with, but luckily that’s not what I ended up going with.

Instead what we have are slightly revamped Archives page, that leads to slightly revamped cast pages.  Each chapter of our story now has it’s own page, where you’ll find a list of the strips involved in that story, and any guest characters wherein are met, leave, or are important. For example our latest concluded entry, The Stone of the Frank, lists the strips you’ll find, as well as important characters, including Vitor and The Frank.

The old cast page, the Menagerie, will include those specimens who are always with the caravan. I’m 90% happy with it, but I want you guys to poke around, lemme know what’s missing, or what you’d like to see.