People who have been in the webcomics game longer than I have tell you that numbers don’t matter.  Focus on content, focus on interaction, the numbers will come later. Since I advertised for the first time in October last year, I’m obsessed with my numbers. Not a day goes by, not a day, that Google Analytics isn’t open in a second tab being refreshed every 15 minutes. My numbers aren’t big, and they don’t change much in 15 minutes, but I can’t help it.

This week is spring break for us, and we’re headed down to San Antonio.  Going to see the Alamo, going to see SeaWorld, going to walk around I bet, but won’t be checking my numbers nearly so often.  To be honest, I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to deal with that.  I imagine I’ll be able to get on at least once a day to glance, but not the obsessive 15 minute check I’m used to and that I crave. Most likely I’ll have even less chance to draw, but we’re covered on strips for the next two weeks so no one should miss anything.

However, if you follow me on Twitter, or glance down to the right sidebar when visiting the site, you’ll be kept apprised of some fun vacation activities to be enjoyed in San Antonio, and my own personal struggle as I wrestle with withdrawal from checking my numbers too often.