I’ve been tweeting more than ever recently, thanks to DC TV. I’m not 100% sure how/why I should be using Twitter, but I think I’m getting it now. It’s like a shout of excitement when you get good news.

The good news this week has been DC TV. I loved DC comics, back when they weren’t terrible. I want to like their movies, but I wish they didn’t have to be about Batman to be good. TV on the other hand, they’re not doing too shabby. I’m talking here of ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ I’m not watching ‘Gotham’ for obvious reasons. ‘Constantine’ I took a weekly pass on, if it shows up on Netflix then I’ll work through it. ‘iZombie’ is one I’m saving to watch with the wife, never read the comic, but Rob Thomas forever has my love thanks to ‘Veronica Mars.’

‘Arrow’ is of course, a thinly veiled Batman, but ‘Flash’ is legitly awesome. The new CW show, ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ is perhaps an overly cumbersome title, and the trailer half-asses why the team would come together in the first place, but I really like Brandon Routh, and more costumes are always appreciated.

My favorite bit of news, by far, ‘Supergirl.’ It’s an ‘S’ related show, where there are actual colors, and not just an hundred different shades of gray. Also, my daughter asked to watch the series trailer, twice, so here’s hoping it’s a show we can watch together.