I think I might be figuring this game out. I’ve survived for a month this time. It’s involved a lot of hiding, literally no fighting, running away when I couldn’t hide, and I’m also no closer to achieving my victory requirements. But! I’m alive, and that’s a step in the right direction.

I’m Ainstragg, the Dwarf. My stout legs carried me from the Curst Valley and the friendly Guards. Through the Dark Valley and over the mountainous Ledges I’ve traveled in search of 5 Great Treasures. On the other side of Nut Woods, I came upon a vast cave system. From the Ruins, to the Borderlands, and into the dark Caves, under the High Pass in the long forgotton hold, I’ve gone in search of treasures, treasures that call incessantly to my Dwarven soul. I’ve hidden from trolls and giants, dragons and spiders.

I’ve seen the signs of many great hoards, but I’ve been unable to plunder them. Yet I hear tell of a great Cavern, and Deep Woods that may yet hold riches that are within my reach. One lies over the High Pass, and the other across the face of the Magic Realm itself I must travel to reach. Mayhaps there I’ll have better luck, because here it runs in short supply, and there is the roar and smoke of Dragons all around me.