I skipped GoT this year. Mostly. I caught the first episode, sat down once to watch the second, but decided to binge the second season of ‘Hannibal’ instead. It’s not a decision I regret. I hear there was quite the finale at the end of the season this year. Which for some of us, isn’t all that surprising.

I think I was over GoT once I saw this video:

That, looks amazing and I want to watch it right now. Or ‘The Peter Dinklage Hour’ because that show would also be amazing. Much like the books, there are certain characters, as soon as they show up on the TV, I check-out mentally until they disappear. Try as I might, I just can’t bring myself to care about Sansa. Her sister Arya is AMAZING. But Sansa, of all the people to die, why not her?

But even Dinklage wasn’t enough to keep my interest this year. Maybe, someday, if someone loans me the DVDs I could see myself catching up on it. Or if I can get HBO Go without having to use an Apple device that would be nice.