Someday when the Merunga movie is made, whether it’s a live action/CGI extravaganza or a white-washed Disney princess powder-puff piece, I’d like to think I’ll have some say in who shows up for work on the first day of shooting.

For Merunga, I’ve always thought of Idina Menzel, not that you could tell. I can’t really draw likenesses, nor have I ever tried very hard, but in person, Idina is who I picture as Merunga. The only thing that would make her a stronger competitor is if she had Jennifer Connelly’s Labryinth era eyebrows. A little bushier, a little wilder, perfect.

For Mouse, I really have no preference. You could slot any bland Hollywood starlet into the role, slap a wig on her and call it good. I’d prefer if she could act, but I don’t think most studios consider that a requirement.

Lupa=Nana Visitor. Of all the Treks, DS9 is my favorite, and Kira was my nerd crush for a lot of years. I recently saw her out of make-up in an episode of Murder She Wrote, and that’s the moment when Lupa’s casting choice crystallized for me.

Ekho is always CG. I think it could be made to work with some awesome puppetry, but I doubt it would happen. CGI is the order of the day. Find a bird with a throat sore and you’re off.

Curo just needs thin an gawky. He wouldn’t have a lot of lines, so like Mouse’s role, really all you need is the visual. Probably someone young and upcoming without the clout to turn down a thankless role. He’ll have to justify it to himself by finding the inner-meaning of the character, which, good luck to him. Just remember, you never go full retard.

The Driver’s, if they’re even in the movie, CGI, like the Harpy. I suspect the Drivers will be replaced by the Villagers for simplicity’s sake. Much like what may or may not happen in the strip, you’ll have to keep reading to find out.

For the villagers, some one young (Haimo,) someone old (Ermo,) someone fat (Aloys,) someone rude (Bogdan,) and someone with a sweet ‘stache (Col.) I’d almost say Sam Elliot for Col, but he’s a little out of the age I’d like. I love Scott Glen in anything, he’s an easy pick for Ermo. Aloys, I like the kid from Stargate Universe (the best of the Stargate TV shows,) David Blue. Give him a slightly receding, thinning hairline (same as Col,) and he’s perfect.

Bogdan and Haimo, rinse and repeat with Mouse’s casting decisions. You can probably make them a little uglier because for whatever reason it’s ok for guys to be ugly and not girls.

When I find someone I’ve got a good feeling for, I’ll update the list. Because it is kind of empty, emptier than I thought it would be. If you have better suggestions, please, don’t hold back, lemme hear what you have to say.