Which isn’t all I have to say on the subject because I’m not sure how to fix it. The main site is built, and tweaked, but a series of painful experiments through Firefox’s Firebug plugin. Everything I know about website design is thanks to Firebug.

Buuut, does Firebug even work on mobile sites? I can use the emulator in FF to see what my site would look like on smaller screens, and it’s not good. I think it’s because everything has a rigidly set position and isn’t flexible in the least. So how does one make the site responsive to different screen resolutions, but not give up the design that’s taken me months to nail into place?

If anyone out there has the slightest clue, please, PLEASE, don’t keep it to yourself.

And to all those who have found my comic on your mobile device, but can’t read it because the navigation buttons are impossible to get to, I’m so very sorry.