Filed under embarrassing confessions, I’ve never drawn horses before.  Or any animals really.  They rarely fit into the margins of whatever paper I happen to be doodling on, and I’m not much of an animal person anyway, so why bother? That being said, I hope this creature come across more as ‘horse’ than ‘amorphous horse-ish shaped blob.’  Next week there is plenty more horse practice to be had, rest assured, there is marked improvement.

Also, first week down, credit where credit is due, I’d like to thank my computer for not crapping out on me, and my wrist for not developing carpal tunnel.  While developing the ideas for Merunga and what the finished product would look like, my foremost concern was speed.  Thank goodness for level correction in photo-editing software.  I barely have to erase my construction lines.  From roughs to finished pencils, maybe two-two point five, hours.  with the size of the strip maybe that’s not so impressive, but it leaves me damned little excuse for not getting it done on time.  As of now, four more weeks in the can, surely I can keep up with that kind of buffer.