This is the kind of strip I struggle with the most, action.  I don’t see a clear way to focus on the action, yet still advance the story in a significant way.  Maybe it’s an impossible task, but I don’t believe that.  After a long and bitter debate with myself, this is what I settled on, and I think it plays, in both spheres of storytelling.

And another pony, this one getting punched.  I hate to sound like an animal hater, but I think horses are ugly creatures, and hard to draw at baseline.  Drawing one getting punched was both challenging, and oddly rewarding.  Not that I in anyway endorse punching horses, except under those circumstances you see here.  You’re getting charged, death is imminent, punch away.  You’re standing in line at the County Fair, waiting patiently for your turn in line while the spoiled brat in behind of you won’t stop screaming that he wants a pony ride, DO NOT PUNCH. It’s not the pony’s fault.