I like to claim that I’m not much for music.  I don’t wander around with earbuds in all the time listening to any old thing.  If I do have earbuds in I’m more likely to be listening to ‘The Shadow’ or some other OTR gem.  When I do listen to music it depends on what week it is. Not the week itself, but how far into a week it is when I discover a new song that I’ll listen to on endless repeat.

The soundtrack for Merunga involves about four songs.  “Yellow Light,” Of Monsters and Men, “Where are you Now?” Mumford and Sons, “Moving On,” Michael Giacchino, and “Exodus in America,” by Bill Elm and Woody Jackson.  Listen to each of these for about a week each, and you’ll slightly understand the pain my wife goes through when I’m in control of the stereo.  (Which is nothing compared to the pain we both go through when our daughter is in charge.  If only I could let go of building snowmen, if only…)

Today’s strip was courtesy of ‘Where are you Now?’ That song in particular reoccurs thematically (?) often.  I’m not even sure what they’re talking about in that song.  (Another reason I don’t listen to word music much.  It was full on 20 years before I figured out what Puumba was going to rhyme with ‘fart.’)  Hence the (?) after ‘thematically.’  The sound evokes the feeling, not the words.