And the rats came back the very next day.  To be honest, they probably never left.

But, had they left, and subsequently returned, to where would they be returning?  This little hamlet of mine, suffering from infestation, does not have a name.  The tendency would be to go for appropriately ‘fantastic’ sound names, such as Gryffindorindiaville, or Crom’s Armpit.  History seems to say the truth is much simpler.  London used to be Londinium, which makes sense as London also used to be Roman. Town’s and villages most likely derived their names from a local yokel or a descriptive term describing the area (Bill’s House upon Mud Creek, or something.)

Be as that may, this town will soon cease to exist and no-one will ever hear of it again, except us, and then only in passing.  Whatever its name was, I think we’ll now call it: Vaagen’s-Luncheon-Counter.