Now celebrating strip #50.  In the big picture, it’s a meaningless milestone.  But who doesn’t like a nice round-number celebration?

The most exciting part of this is the binder I have to hold all my completed strips is half full, and now has a nice heft to it.  I pick that binder up, and I feel the slight weight of 3-lb accomplishment.  Someday that binder will be heavy enough to exercise with, that’ll be a day of celebration.

It’s taken us two-and-a-half months to make 50 strips, the second storyline is now falling towards it’s conclusion, and before the end of the year we’ll hit the big 100, where will we be then? Or, where will they, the members of the Menagerie be?  Here’s what I’ll tell you: there will be some new faces, we’ll be missing some old faces, and Merunga will still be traveling, wheresoever her whim carries her, gathering specimens for the Menagerie..