Somewhere in-between strips 4&5 Vaagen got locked away.  Originally it was strip 5, and then there was a whole lot of yammering for a week before the Caravan went anywhere.  Luckily things moved a little bit fast than all that, but still, Vaagen was in lock-up first week. Here we are 11ish weeks later and he’s given himself early parole.

Back when I was a kid the only channel we had was CBS.  I remember two shows I was allowed to watch/I actually liked.  One I don’t remember the name of, but the guy was from the future and a floating eyeball followed him around(?)

The other was The Flash with John Wesley Shipp.  I didn’t realize til years later that it only ran for one season, I only remember tuning in desperately to my one TV station multiple times a week trying to find it.  I was too young to understand TV scheduling at the time.  Now, 24 years later, we’ve got another Flash on TV, also with JWS (albeit not as the Flash,) and I’m liking it just as much as nostalgia tells me I liked it all those years ago.  CW did an absolutely terrible job with Superman in ‘Smallville,’ which I’ll never forgive them for.  A decent job with ‘Arrow,’ who I was never into as a character, but they’re playing him as Batman anyway, and I’m definitely over Batman.  But Flash, I’ve got high hopes for.