Golm says ‘Hello’ in the nicest way.  And our Villager from all the way back finally arrives.

‘Laura’ on Amazon Prime was our movie find of the week last night.  A black-and-white murder-mystery from the 40s, there was really nothing I was going to say bad about it anyway.  That is my movie decade.  I still don’t do chick-flicks from back in the day, but almost anything else, and I’ll drop everything to watch it.  ‘Laura’ has just about everything you could want, slightly wooden acting, VINCENT PRICE, stunning female lead, slightly older male lead, slightly older still creepy older guy, VINCENT PRICE, heavy shadows, twisty-turny plot, and Vincent Price.  A gripping time in front of the TV for sure.  And a nice break in the ‘Murder She Wrote’ marathon we usually enjoy.