This week is like the last half of ‘Man of Steel,’ all fight with little plot.

But I like ‘Man of Steel,’ I really do.  Favorite Superman movie by far, since unlike the other Superman movies, it doesn’t have milquetoast Clark.

In other movie news, ERB has the rights to ‘John Carter’ movies again, so here’s hoping.  I liked that movie too, loved it!  Loved them both.  I liked everything about ‘John Carter,’ and even though a new movie, if it’s ever made, which I kind of doubt, would share little to nothing with the old movie, I’m sure I’ll love the new one too.  I have an atrocious filter when it comes to movies.  I can’t think of a single movie when I’ve walked out of the theater not thinking it was the best thing ever.  Never trust me when I say a movie is good.

Except ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘John Carter,’ those movies are AMAZING.