We’re officially moving to a bigger format.  While I was drawing at 3.5″ tall, I’m now drawing at a whopping 4.5″ tall.  You may have noticed some increased canvas size experimentation last week, well it’s permanent now.  The was the first size I experimented with, back in the pre-planning stages, but I like the longer looking 3.5″ size, and split into four panels, those four panels were squarish of shape, it appealed to that incredibly small OCD part of me.

But speaking of small, the strip looked small, and now, with that extra inch of height, it looks bigger, and there’s more room to play with, and much like when I redesigned the site the first time, I just like it better this way.

This week will wrap up our second story, The Prisoner’s Mischief.  Some of the upcoming strips surprised even me, opening up more possibilities than I had originally considered.  It’s an exciting to be me.  Look for the tiny little comments button down below and let me know if it’s an exciting time to be you.