There’s some groundwork laid here, and a whole lot of talky-talky.  More than I thought.  I drew this really sweet flower with a dew drop on it.  It was simply amazing, probably they best thing I’ve ever drawn, and it was totally covered up by a word balloon in panel 1.  Such are the trials of an artist I guess.  In the end it’s probably better this way.  The simple elegant beauty of that single flower would have over shadowed the rest of the strip.

We’re in our third chapter now, ‘Bitter Bonds.’ This is the last chapter of ‘set-up,’ according to the master plot at least, I’ll post a picture of that someday, in all of it’s cramped illegible glory.  Merunga’s ‘Deals Among Devils‘ will be finalized, and all of the bad that can come of that will begin to ferment.

I still like that strip, even though it was but a few months ago, I can see that my style has changed, solidified really, into something I can now recognize and reproduce reliably.  I still like it, as a nascent indicator of who, as an artist, I could become.  A lot of those early (‘early, only a few months and a few score strips ago,) exist in a different, digital version from my first attempt at Merunga, someday they’ll be updated with an image of what once was, and what could have been.  Golm has definately beefed up since those days.  Maybe not quite as tall, but for certes he is wider, and more cut.  Golem works out.