I had always remembered the haunted mansion section of ‘The Ghost and Mr. Chicken’ being my favorite part.  Clearly, there was a haunted mansion involved, how could you not love that? I also remembered the haunted mansion escapade being a significant portion of the movie.  Turns out, still my favorite part, but only about ten minutes long.

How does that happen?  You trap Don Knotts in a haunted mansion, and you only get ten minutes out of it?  Sure, as an adult, any more time spent with a bumbler would prove boring and potentially repetitive, but this doesn’t strike me as the kind of movie marketed to adults.  And kids would eat that up for hours!  I feel robbed.  Not like, at gun point robbed, but more, they snuck into my house while I wasn’t there and stole a couple of knick-knacks off the shelves I wouldn’t have noticed until I went looking for them kind of robbed.

Which also means, pretty lame robber, so be thankful for small miracles right?