After faces, I’d say my second favorite thing to draw is hands.

‘Soliloquy’ was originally planned out to run a couple of (maybe as much as three) weeks, but the back end of it worked better as the front end of this, ‘Stone of the Frank,’ so here we are instead. I’m not generally big on origin stories, in comics, movies, or books.  ‘Batman Begins is easily my least favorite of the Nolan 3.  Iron Man, not the best of that series. ‘The Matrix’ was far and above the other two entries in the trilogy, but I refuse to admit that the other two movies exist as real things so ‘Matrix’ skates by as a stand alone, ‘huh, that was neat,’ movie and not as an origin story.

All that being said, ‘Stone of the Frank’ is really an origin story of sorts, where some members of the Caravan come from, where others go, that kind of thing.  Planning it out, it’s a much smaller scale, more intimate story, which I’m excited about.  ‘Torgo’ was fun, and big, really big for me, but I also say too big. I’m loathe to use the phrase ‘burned-out,’ but we were close to it.  There was a lot there that was out of my comfort range to draw, and overall the story suffered for it.

‘Stone’ is a different beast though, more in my wheelhouse, with some reveals and twists I’m super excited about.  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am!