If you check out the cast page, cleverly called ‘The Menagerie,’ you’ll notice a blank spot where a picture of the Villagers (Haimo, Bogdan, Col, Aloys, and Ermo) should be, and no mention of the Frank or Vitor the Apprentice.  I assure, it is not due to laziness. I’ve never been happy with the default cast-page options Comicpress gives me, but it’s been a back-burner project until now, and it will be changing soon.  I’ve got an idea on how to do it, it needs a little more development, but I think it’ll play nicely when it’s done.

For those of you in the future reading this as you make your way through the Archives (there’s a page for that too, it’s update is still a back-burner project,) doesn’t the cast page look nice?

EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: This blog post is now mostly irrelevant. Revamps to the cast and archives pages look nothing at like like I had intended all the way back when. There are entries for everyone, but some are harder to get to than others. So that still needs fixed. The main cast page includes only those members who are constant companions of the Menagerie. Incidental supporting players are found on the archive page for a specific story, such as: The Stone of the Frank.  Enjoy!