For what it’s worth, I have Torgo added as a location to these strips. Not that the location tags really do anything, I’ve treated them fairly willy-nilly up til now. So my question is, do I add Torgo as a character tag? And what image should I use for it? Questions questions questions.

The look of Torgo actual will change slightly next week, I’ve got a little something in mind that is hinted at earlier, but not hinted at very distinctly. There are a few strips in the recent past that I could see having been improved slightly with color, just to make things stick out a little more when necessary, but it is what is.

This is the end of our current storyline, Family Gathering. Monday will see the start of our next arc, which doesn’t have a title yet. Monday also doesn’t have a strip yet. I can only get so close to having a buffer, and then I piss it all away.