Hitting a milestone this week, repeatedly.  Monday was the first day Merunga crested the 100 visitors in a day mark, thank you to everyone who stopped by!  Tuesday was the second day, and Wednesday makes three.  I’m hoping we can keep that number up there for Thursday (today) and Friday, close it out in style.

100 visitors was number four on my list of benchmarks when I started this project, and the first ‘difficult’ goal to accomplish.  The first three were merely things I could do, and they would be done.  Number Four required me to do something, but it required you to act on it, and together, we made it, thank you again!

100 visitors is also not a very big number, but it is a feel good number, and I do feel good about it, next we’re shooting for 500, so let’s get on that shall we?

Also want to plug Facebook and Google+ again, if you like to like those things, please go ahead and do so.  Not sure what goal we should set on that one, so let’s just see what we get.