So let’s talk new year, not for the strip, our anniversary is in August, but in the holiday sense that now everyone has to buy a new calendar.  I didn’t buy a calendar, I don’t think I ever have, but I did buy my first ever planner the other day, and that was kind of exciting. I’ll probably talk more about my planner next week.  Because I’m becoming a new kind of nerd that finds planners and talking about planners exciting.

Broader scope though, broader, end of this year, I’d like to have a book out.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 259 strips, it’ll be roughly 130 pages, so 65 actual pages, and I want it available for the following March (in 2016) in the hopes of making my first convention appearance.  That’s not number one on my list though, three for now, but one I can push back easily.

Number two, and somewhat firmer footing than three, not a goal I’d push back in favor of shinier things, I’d like to cross more audience bench marks.  In the first five months highest number of visitors in a day was a shade under 200, highest number of return visitors was a shade over 80. First up, I’d like to break 500 and 100 respectively, and as soon as possible so I can arbitrarily make up new numbers and surpass them as well.

Solid number one, and this is a big one for me, have fun.  It is so true what they say about comicking, you have to love what you do, or you’ll fail out early.  Drawing is not my favourite or my best, someday I’d like to find someone to do the heavy lifting on that end.  I’ve always considered myself more of a doodler anyways, I won’t be sad to put my pencils down.  But I have loved every minute of this so far, and I have literally never had this much fun drawing before.  Honest.  Some of it doesn’t work out, but more of it does than I ever thought it would, and I’m thrilled by that.  I’m even more excited about what is happening next, and I want to draw that now!  I never thought I’d like drawing, finishing, work like this, but I am and it’s amazing.  So I hope you guys are having fun too, and will stick out the year with me, you won’t regret it.

Unless you’re super attached to certain characters, you’ll regret that for sure.