The Torgo Road

Her business with Vaagen taken care of, Merunga turns her eyes towards Torgo. There are dangers on the road, dangers even the Menagerie cannot overcome.
Dec 02, 2014Two Companies
Dec 03, 2014Delay No Longer
Dec 04, 2014Kreegah
Dec 05, 2014Terror Comes Again
Dec 09, 2014Wings of the Harpy
Dec 10, 2014Awaiting News
Dec 11, 2014Trouble Ahead
Dec 12, 2014Undeterred
Dec 15, 2014Into the Pass
Dec 23, 2014Then You Will Die
Dec 24, 2014Told Ya'
Dec 26, 2014We Must Leave
Dec 30, 2014Trust in Merunga
Dec 31, 2014Awaiting
Jan 01, 2015Troubleshooters
Jan 02, 2015Guests Arrive
Jan 06, 2015The Drivers
Jan 13, 2015Saved by the Wolf
Jan 16, 2015Keep Them Safe
Jan 19, 2015The Horde
Jan 20, 2015Crumbling
Jan 21, 2015Ekho's Report
Jan 22, 2015What Now?
Jan 23, 2015Turned Around

The Drivers

They are the sons of Merunga, and they guide her wagons where she sees fit, but they are not so scared of her as the others. They are not as other men, they are terrible things.